Terms & Conditions
  • Connecting Tone Service is applicable to registered CMHK service plan customers and PEOPLES Stored Value SIM Card customers.
  • Connecting Tone Service is also applicable to Roaming Service, however, the availability of service depends on the support of overseas local network operators. If Customer has also registered for Hong Kong Ringback Tone Service, please temporarily cancel Connecting Tone Service by calling #333 before leaving Hong Kong.
  • "Caller Groups" and "Predetermine Playing Time" features are not applicable to callers who are roaming abroad.
  • If customer has registered for Connecting Tone Service, but has not yet downloaded a connecting tone, all callers will hear a default connecting tone pre-set by the system.
  • If customer forwards the incoming call to another phone number, or deactivates Connecting Tone Service, all callers will only hear the conventional connecting tone.
  • The default Playing Mode plays the connecting tones in sequence.
  • Connecting tones that have been placed in "Caller Groups" will not be played in "in sequence" or "at random" playing mode.
  • Customer can set up to 20 "Playing Time" and each setting is valid for up to 3 months.
  • Connecting Tone Service is only applicable to "Line 1 Number" when using "Dual Number Service".
  • If a Stored Value SIM Card does not carry sufficient value for the deduction of Connecting Tone Service monthly charge, the service will be suspended and all stored connecting tones will be deleted automatically.
  • Customers are required to pay for the service, even if the connecting tone has not been downloaded successfully due to any reasons, or has been downloaded by accident.
  • CMHK reserves the right to make changes to the content and charges of the service without prior notice.
  • In case of any dispute, CMHK reserves the right to the final decision.