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Service Plan 4.5G Full Speed Local Service Plan 12GB+1GB

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  • 12 Months
  • 24 Months
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* CMHK Prepaid Card holder wanting to port in your existing number please approach our shops for subscription. eShop cannot process it at the moment. (Offer entitled subject to the terms and conditions of each campaign.)


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Points to Note before Online Purchase:

  1. Please visit our Shops in person to register for Mainland China “1-Card-Multi-Number” Service.
  2. Subscribers must be aged 18 or above.
  3. Subscribers can choose a service plan on CMHK Online Shop and add into the Shopping Cart.
  4. To check out, confirm your items in "Shopping Cart", fill in required information.
  5. CMHK Online Shop accepts payment made by designated Visa / MasterCard / JCB / UnionPay credit cards or UnionPay debit cards^, AlipayHK(real-name authentication by HongKong ID card) / Alipay(real-name authentication by Mainland China ID card)  or Octopus Online Payment Service+. To place an order using one of these payment methods, customers shall be deemed to confirm that the Credit/Debit card(s) or related account used is legally owned by himself/herself or that has been duly authorized by the legitimate owner to use it. Virtual credit card is not accepted for Online Payment.
  6. The customer have to sign The (General) Contract for Telecommunications Services and agree that CMHK is entitled (but not obliged) to automatically extend the Renewal Offer for 12 or 24 months on substantially the same terms and conditions as herein contained provided that the prevailing tariff (according to the rate of CMHK at that time) shall apply unless I have not yet settled any late payment or I have either agreed to a new service term under another service plan offered by CMHK.
  7. The Customer must collect the ordered product(s) and / or complete the relevant service subscription procedure(s) as required by CMHK at the designated CMHK shop within 14 days (unless CMHK otherwise specified a specific time limit) after completion of Ordering Process at CMHK Online Shop, failing which, CMHK is entitled to cancel the order. The Customer shall be deemed to have abandoned the ordered goods and/or service (‘the said Items”), and the CMHK is entitled to dispose the said Items in any manner it thinks fit without accountable to the Customer for any refund, or any loss and/or damages.
  8. CMHK may reject the Online Shop customer to subscribe for service plan after online order placement based on the customer record and CMHK policy. For enquiries please contact us at 2945 8888.

Delivery remark:

  1. Courier might request you to present your HKSAR ID card / Passport, the original of the credit card (VISA / MasterCard) or UnionPay Online Pay(UnionPay Credit Cards/Debit Cards^) and the valid transaction payment record issued by the third-party payment platform(if applicable) which was used in the payment for verification.
  2. Generally, prepaid SIMs or service plan contracts will be dispatched to the Customer via designated Courier Services within 1-2 working days after order placement. The contracts shall be returned to CMHK after signed by customer. The order of shall be deemed as completed when CMHK assessed and sent confirmation SMS.
  3. Customer must ensure that read the full agreement, terms and conditions carefully before agrees to subscribe the Services. If you have any questions or changes about your service plan, please contact eShop for follow up.
  4. For SIM-Only Service subscription customer shall receive the order or signed by designated recipient. CMHK do NOT accept authorization for tariff / other service subscription or signing additional supplementary agreement at any situation(s).
  5. IDD Service cannot be activated if you choose delivery service;please come to our China Mobile Hong Kong shop for register.


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